February 25, 2008

Please note, this is an old post transferred from my old blog site. Original date was July 26th, 2007.

 Wow, it’s been a busy week. Since my last blog, I went to DC to my friend Matt’s birthday party (two weeks ago). It was a great time… since it was the 14th, he had the whole thing themed around Bastille Day… with predictably fantastic results. Then I spent the better part of a week helping load and unload commercial shelving for my parents… they’re going to be opening a country store in downtown Cumberland, MD, in a few weeks. Last weekend I went to sunny LA. I flew into LAX on Friday, rented a car (free upgrade to a Chrysler 300 from an economy car, score!) and went to the Marriott where I was staying. It was in Marina del Rey, located between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I wanted to visit my old college bud, Steve, and maybe do a little surfing too. I lugged the board with me. Steve and I scoped out the local Kwiki-Mart (formerly a 7-11 now made up to look like a Kwiki Mart for the movie) and then grabbed a bite in Century City. Afterwards, we did a driving tour of Bev Hills and Rodeo Drive. Then I went to bed (jet lag!) and got up in the morning with waves on my mind. I drove down to Manhattan beach, but the surf from a distance didn’t look too good. So I parked (pretty far away, traffic and parking are both generally a nightmare in LA) and walked down sans board. Of course, when I got closer, the waves looked much better, so I rushed back and grabbed the board. Needless to say, it turned out to be a great day. Between Saturday and Sunday, I had some of the best rides in my life. The waves were bigger than even France, and they came more consistently, with less chop and longer frequency. This was cool because this way I could more easily paddle out to the lineup without exhausting myself getting past the breakers. I fell plenty, too, of course, but for the first time, I could really see turns and moves happening, less voluntarily than instinctive, and it was great. Man, I am telling you, surfing is the bee’s knees.

So, other than that, Steve and I went out Saturday and Sunday night in Santa Monica for food, shopping, and drinks. The nightlife is quite good, and the place is just full of beautiful people. I stayed away from the most pretentious places, fortunately.

Well, I hardly had time to relax upon my return on Monday, because the furniture shipment was coming to my new apartment on Wednesday (yesterday). Since the shipment could arrive as early as 8 AM, I had to leave to Charlottesville at 4 AM, packed and ready to go. So naturally, the movers didn’t come until almost 3 PM, and found me both tired and a bit irritated. My irritation grew as they couldn’t open the crates (didn’t have the right tools) and pretty much put everything wherever they wanted. However, I did manage to get them to take all the packing materials with them. I’m about halfway unpacked now, still a long way to go. However, it’s beginning to take shape. I did get my internet up, and cable is on the way. Today I picked up my official “Darden” laptop. Tonight, I’m heading to DC to an alumni party for current Darden students (Yay, network!).


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